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New Curriculum changes PHS

By: Tori Nix

    This year, the Piqua High School has a new curriculum. I interviewed  Anthony Lyons, principal at PHS, and Toni Riley, the sophomore guidance counselor to find out what was new.

     Lyons said that the school’s curriculum changed so that it can follow the common core standards. In the additions made to the new curriculum, writing has become more of a priority to educate students, in their writing skills, who plan on attending college. Along with writing, physical education has also become a priority so that specific standards are met for physical education to become more proficient.

    “We are more closely aligned with the common core standards,” Lyons said. “We are currently in the process of aligning science with the common core standards. State tests will be aligned with the common core standards, and we’ll be better prepared for assessments.

    Riley also stated, in her opinion, “ Study halls were taken out because we feel that the students weren’t using them as they should, and that they would achieve more if they had eight academic class periods.”

   Riley also stated that physical education is more of an importance because it helps to keep fit and involves simple exercises. “The U.S. has become a nation that is beginning to suffer from obesity, ” she said

    Lyons and Riley both agreed that the changes made to the curriculum would improve the students academic levels.

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