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Pride of Piqua marches at Tipp City Marching Band Competition

By:Faith Branson

The Piqua High School marching band had their first competition of the 2013 season Saturday, September 21 in Tipp City. The name of the show was Monopoly, which consists of 4 great song selections:“Passing Go/Water Works” as the opener, “Money” for movement 2, “Smooth Criminal” movement 3, and “Railroad” as the closer.

Prior to the competition,I spoke to the band director about the competition and how the band is going to do. Mitch Mahaney said, “I think we are going to do really well, we have a great show this year.” Also according to Mahaney the band has improved a lot over the summer and school year. The most improvement has been in the 3rd movement “Smooth Criminal” with the percussion section and the 2nd movement with the sax soloist Greg Reyes, but overall the band has improved a lot since last season to this season.

For two years now PHS Math teacher, Greg Hawk has been the assistant band director. “The discipline and the focus is better, we are a less experience group with the rookies but we work better together.” Says Hawk.

I also spoke to some of the marching band member’s, Junior snare drummer Nick Clayton said, “I am excited to showcase our talent and to do better than my last 3 year,” I asked Senior Color Guard member Kayla Harshman about how the band has improved from her 1st year in guard. She said, “There is a huge improvement, not only have the scores gone up but the people in band have come together as a family.” Junior flute player Lindsey Ramos says that her favorite song from this year’s show is second movement because, “I think Greg does an amazing job with his sax solo, he likes to jazz it up.”

Since this is the senior’s last high school competition season, maybe even their last time marching if they don’t continue to march in college this competition is going to be bittersweet for most. Senior bass drummer Christian Bowman said “It’s kind of sad, I’m going to miss everyone. I won’t get to hardly see anybody after this season is over because we will be going in different directions for this new chapter in our lives.”

The band would like people to know that they are becoming bigger and better than what it has been. The band would like people to know that, “It’s more than what people make it out to be, we aren’t a bunch of nerds, it’s a lot of fun,” says Clayton. Harshman said, “Marching Band isn’t a bunch of nerds and geeks, it’s a bunch of friends playing music, spinning flags, and having fun.” Bowman said, “It’s harder than what people think it is. We put countless hours of works into our show. If people think marching band is easy then they need to go through band camp in the middle of July.” Ramos would like people to know, “that we are like one big family, we succeed together, we lose together, and we work hard to put the pride in Piqua.”

“We are a family, we work hard, and we expect to do well, but we are a family, everyone belongs, and if we do well then that’s a bonus,” said Hawk “People should know it take a lot of hard work, it’s a physical activity, it’s like a sport in that way, and it does take a lot more work than what people think,” said Mahaney

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