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Seniors Talk Piqua Football

Seniors Jacob Teague, Jacob Sowry, Austin Reedy, Dom Stone, Daniel Monnin, and Aaron Shroyer(lying)

Seniors Jacob Teague, Jacob Sowry, Austin Reedy, Dom Stone, Daniel Monnin, and Aaron Shroyer(lying)

By: David Wysong

Senior year: it’s the season every high school football player dreams. Especially at Piqua High School where football has been a very important sport over the past few decades.

At the top of the totem pole this year is the senior class of 2014. Out of the gates of their most important season, they started 1-1.

They started out week one with a booming 41-6 win against Toledo Rodgers. Then in week two they had a heartbreaking 24-23 loss to the Cincinnati Kings.

When asked how to bounce back from the tough loss quarterback Dan Monnin said, “We need to stay focused and work on our execution.” On the defensive side of the ball linebacker Domm Stone said, “We have to be more prepared and our defense has to read our keys better.” “We need to hit all of our assignments,” running back Austin “Speedy” Reedy said.

“We need to watch out for speed,” defensive back, Jacob Teague, pointed out when talking about what to watch out for.

Talking about the differences of emotions between week one and week two defensive back Jacob Sowry said, “People were crying after Cincinnati…it was heartbreaking.”

Sowry was injured in a scrimmage before the season and hasn’t played yet. He was asked what he is looking forward to most about joining his team again soon and he said, “I can’t wait to come back and help make the team better.”

With some of these guys fulfilling their childhood dream they talked about how it is playing under the lights. A lot of the guys, like defensive backs Aaron Shroyer and Teague, said that “the atmosphere is awesome,” and “ the student section is great at getting the crowd pumped up.”

When talking more about this years student section Monnin and Stone said, that they “have never seen a student section that is better than ours this year.”

All of the guys are pretty confident that if they “execute” well that they have a pretty good chance at making the playoffs.

Then when asked what has been their favorite high school football memory and what they are looking forward to most this season, both questions got the same answer. The answer was a resounding and unanimous “ beating Troy,” their arch rival.

Nobody is sure yet how the 2013-2014 football season will pan out yet for Piqua; but it will sure be exciting.

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