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Students and Teachers Debate NFL Football

By: David Wysong

NFL football: it’s a high commodity around America. Piqua High School is a great example of how popular the NFL really is.

Walking through the halls on a Monday morning, you see many different students wearing their favorite team’s jersey if they won the day before. So since there is such an attentive  student body, along with a few teachers, a survey was conducted on who people think have the best chance at going to the Superbowl so far this year.

The top five teams ranked in order of the most votes are: the Cincinnati Bengals at 20%, the Denver Broncos at 18%, the Seattle Seahawks at 9%, and the Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns are tied with 6%.

The Cleveland Browns are a good “Ohio” vote. This is meaning that they wouldn’t have gotten too many votes in anywhere but Ohio. When some people vote over topics to do with sports, they go with their hearts.

The Browns had high hopes going into this season but have started 1-2 and traded away arguably their best player in running back Trent Richardson. You sometimes never know with sports, but the Browns are likely to just have an average year at best.

The Indianapolis Colts are so far a very good pick to go to the Superbowl. They have started off 2-1 behind their young superstar Quarterback, Andrew Luck.  Their defense shut down the San Francisco 49ers who went to the Superbowl last year.

They also were the team to gain Cleveland Browns’ running back, Trent Richardson, so with an improved running game and with an already stellar passing game the Colts have a great chance at going to the Super Bowl, especially with already having playoff experience last year.

The Seattle Seahawks have so far had an electric start to the 2013 season. They have started 3-0 playing with their dynamite second year Quarterback, Russell Wilson. Their defense has dominated along with their offense. They also had playoff experience with winning a game last year and almost going to the NFC Championship last year. So with some extra experience in the winning category the Seahawks have an amazing chance at making the Super Bowl this year.

At number two the Denver Broncos were on the list. They have four-time MVP Peyton Manning playing along side dynamic wide receivers; Wes Welker, Demarius Thomas, and Eric Decker. Their offense is unbelievably explosive, and Manning has gotten off to a perfect start with throwing 12 interceptions and zero interceptions in the first three games. They have started of 3-0 and don’t look like they are going to slow down anytime soon. Once they get Von Miller back on the defensive side of the ball the Broncos look to go into the Super Bowl with ease.

At number one are the Cincinnati Bengals. They have started off 2-1 behind the third year Quarterback/Wide Receiver duo Andy Dalton and A.J. Green. Green is on pace to be one of the best receivers in the league. They also have one of the best defenses in the league as well. They lost their first game in a heartbreaker to the Bears, who are 3-0. Since then they have beaten the Pittsburgh Steelers and a talented Green Bay Packers team. The Bengals are a lot of people picks to go to the Superbowl and might just have the talent to do it.

It’s too early to get a great idea about the Superbowl, but some teams are making good impressions early.

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