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Supharada Hemmanee Begins a New Start at PHS

By: Olivia Barhorst


Supharada Hemmanee, known by her friends as Aung, is a foreign exchange student enjoying her time here at PHS.

Aung, a sophomore from Thailand lives with the Wyans.  The Wyans have housed many foreign exchange students over the years. Aung is also living with Astelle, another foreign exchange student at PHS.  She decided to come to the U.S. to improve her English.

The Art Club and the Pride of Piqua’s Color Guard have gotten Aung involved.   Her favorite class is science and added that she enjoys all of her teachers but favors Mr. Westfall, who has her for Music Appreciation.

Aung is also looking forward to homecoming and enjoys eating tacos, which they do not have in Thailand.  She added that the one thing she misses about Thailand is her friends.

She commented that the hardest thing she’s had to become accustomed to is using our computers.

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