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Teens give views on politics

By Dakota Rench

Teens and politics, not a great mix right? But in today’s society the importance of political involvement is crucial to determining where our country is headed. The youth of a nation are the future voters and activist that we see today. But as time has progressed, the amount of participation and concern involving politics has decreased.
So where do the students of Piqua stand when it comes to political involvement? A survey was placed in AP government classes in order to catch a glimpse into how students in the junior and senior classes who have been exposed to the inter-mechanisms of the governmental process view current political issues.
The first question in the survey asked the following: “How much does the subject of politics concern you?” One student said, “Very little,” ten students said, “Somewhat concerned,” eight students said, “they were concerned,” and four students said they were “Very concerned”.
The second question was, “Do you identify yourself with a political party or ideology?” Eight students reported they identified themselves with the Republican Party, two identified themselves with the Democratic Party, eleven identified themselves with the Independent Party, and two reported ideologies in the “Other” category.
The third question was, “Do you plan on voting once you turn the age of 18?” Every single student questioned responded with a “yes”.
As times progresses, we shall await to see further results as the world of politics becomes more heated and controversial. We can only hope that more teens begin to involve themselves in a system that dictates the future of a country.

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