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The Goblin Wars Trilogy By Kersten Hamilton

By: Mariah Killian


Kersten Hamilton’s Goblin war series is intense, clever, and a little humorous. Hamilton got the idea for this Irish folk tale by basing it off Irish mythology and The poem “Tyger Tyger,” by William Blake.

Hamilton’s first book Tyger Tyger starts her character’s journey, when Finnikin Mac Cumhail comes into town looking for refugee under the roof of the Wystllon’s.  Little do they suspect the trouble that lurks with this young Irish Traveller.  Tegan and her little brother Aiden soon learn that they are not quite average, and end up in a world unknown to them.

Leading into Hamilton’s second book  In The Forest of The Night,Tegan, Finnikin and Aiden go head first into Mag Mell a place where only few have ever came out. Looking for their father, who was kidnapped by the creatures of Mag Mell, they find he is trapped, spilling his soul to Fear Doirich. Will Tegan, and Aiden get their father back, or will they start a war between Goblins, and Mortals?

War is coming and there is slim chances of stopping Mab, and Doirich,  in Hamilton’s third book When The Stars Threw Down Their Spears, yet Finnikin, Aiden, Tegean,Abby and Seamus, find themselves back in Mag Mell looking for Mab, and Doirich. This could be the end of this group and their efforts towards ending an on going war sense almost the beginning of time. Will they make it? Or will they end up like everyone else in an Irish folk tale that never ends the way you wish? find out in Kerten Hamilton’s Trilogy The Goblin Wars Series.


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