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A Haunted Romance book series

 By Faith Branson

Author Jessica Verday wrote The Hollow series, a 3 book series including: The Hollow, The Haunted, The Hidden.  The trilogy is on the New York Times bestselling list.

In the small town of Sleepy Hollow, the town really owns up to “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving. However the Legend isn’t the only scary part of this town.

 A teenage girl named Abbey is trying to cope with the fact that her best friend Kristen has disappeared. It seems that the whole town believes she is dead even though there isn’t a body found; people at school are saying she committed suicide.

Abbey, being the loyal friend she promised she would be, refuses to believe it. She thinks that her best friend is alive and out there just hurt and can’t be found. The crime scene is near the place that Kristen and Abbey use go to together, kind of like their meeting place: the Sleep Hollow Bridge. Nothing can separate the bond between Abbey and Kristen not even life and death.

While at Kristen’s funeral, Abbey sees someone who she never has seen before, a mysterious and handsome boy named Caspian. After that horrible day he randomly starts appearing in Abbey’s life. His whole life is a secret and he will not tell Abbey the truth behind his lies. Caspian is however the only person who makes Abbey feel whole again and maybe feel loved in a way that she hasn’t felt before, yet why is he keeping his life from Abbey? What is he hiding?

One day Abbey goes to Kristen’s house to visit her parents; she asks if she can go in Kristen’s room just to feel close to her best friend again. While in her room, she sees a diary but not the one she normally saw Kristen writing in: a secret one. although she doesn’t want to invade her best friends privacy,  she doesn’t feel like she has any choice, so she reads it.

 Abbey finds out things she never knew about her best friend. She feels betrayed and like she was a good enough friend to Kristen; why couldn’t she tell something was wrong? How could Kristen keep all these secrets from her? They spent everyday together, Kristen’s death wasn’t a clumsy fall in the river, or an act of suicide, but a push from someone else.

 This 3 book series will leave you tearing up page from page, book to book, wanting to not stop reading till you’ve reach the the finish line, as the legend of the town starts to rise once more. Author of the vampire diaries L.J Smith says, “Spectacular! Keeps you reading from beginning to end without coming up for air.”

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