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Adrian Peterson Continues to Amaze

By: David Wysong

 Adrian Peterson is a monster. He has been an MVP, a five time pro-bowler, a two time NFL leading rusher, and had a remarkable comeback after tearing his ACL and being back on the field in 10 months.

That next season after his injury was his MVP season and he was nine yards away from breaking the single season rushing record for the NFL. So on the field he is clearly unstoppable.

Off the field he has had shown that he is unstoppable, too. He has dealt with heartbreak after heartbreak and continues to bounce back. At eight years old he lost his half-brother to a drunk-driver, the night before he participated in the NFL Combine his other half-brother was murdered, and as a teenager his father was sentenced to 10 years in prison for laundering money.

That is already quite a resume of unfortunate events for a 28 year old man to go through. Now last week came the report of his two year-old son.

His son was sent to Sioux Falls, S.D. Hospital for getting severely abused by a man. Later at the hospital the child died.

The mother of the child’s boyfriend, Joseph Robert Patterson, was watching him when he practically beat him to death. Paterson was at first charged with aggravated assault and aggravated assault on an infant. Sioux Falls police said additional charges should be tacked on though.

Adrian played that next Sunday in a loss to the Panthers but didn’t get many reps. Either way though this man is a robot.

He has bounced back from devastating injuries, a father being sent to prison, and three surprising deaths of people close to him. No matter what way you shake it, he can’t be human.

No human would be able to bounce back from a gruesome injury less than a year later, no human could bounce back after his father was sent to jail, and no human could bounce back after three deaths. It would be especially hard to perform in the NFL Combine a day later or play in a professional football game four days later.

Any human would be depressed after all these event and probably not leave their room for weeks, but Adrian continues to keep his body at tip-top shape and prove people wrong.

Adrian Peterson doesn’t only deserve to be considered one of the best football players of all time, but also deserves to be considered a first-class person.

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