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Discovering Immortality

“Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.”- Sarah Ertz.

The concept of immortality has always fascinated humans since the dawn of our existence. Humankind has created movies about this idea, religious ceremonies attempt to achieve this, and scientists aspire to discover the key to eternal life. But what if you discovered a species un-like any other in the world, one that has successfully achieved actual immortality. Recently scientists believe they have found just that.
Turritopsis Nutricula is a jellyfish which has been observed to be the only species to ever live continuously without dying. How does this marvelous creature perform such a magnificent feat? Through reproduction the immortal jellyfish undergoes a different process than other jellyfish, after reproducing sexually, they are able to return to their polyp stage.

When most jellyfish die after their sexual maturity, immortal jellyfish get transformed back into a polyp and restart the process of asexual reproduction.
As the medical and scientific world advances and more discoveries are made regarding this species we may one day find a portal to the world of immortality, a feat so grand it would forever impact the way humans inhabit this world.

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