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PHS hosts annual Homecoming Dance

By Kayla Bowermaster


   On Saturday, October 12, students gathered at the school at eight o’clock for the annual Homecoming Dance.  This year rules were set before hand, and it was made sure that everyone in attendance knew of them. This, of course, being the forms every student and their parent had to sign if they planned on attending the dance. By signing the form, the student would agree to the dress code, which really was the same as the regular school dress code, and the rules on dancing. Though it initially seemed ridiculous, the dance was still very fun for many students who still were able to enjoy dancing with their friends and dates.

   “I do think the students appreciated the rules and still had a good time,” said assistant principal Darrell Hite. “We wanted to create a safe and fun environment for the students.”

   Only a small handful of students were told to leave the dance floor, and were only told to leave for a period of time, but other than that all the students were able to have a lot of fun at the dance.

   The theme of this year’s homecoming dance was “Under the Sea”, and the PHS commons were decorated with wonderful marine decorations, with things like hanging fishing nets, a hanging shark, and even paper fish on the tables. The DJ for the dance was Brad Hall, who played many recent songs, but also some older favorites, like Thriller by Michael Jackson.

   It has been discussed on whether or not the rules from this year will be in place again next year; it has been decided that there will be similar rules. It has also been debated on if they will allow students to pay at the door the day of the dance or if tickets will have to be purchased before the dance, simply in hopes of cutting down the amount of time spent in lines at the door.

   It is hopeful that next year’s dance will be just as fun, but after this year it should be.


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