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Seniors look back while looking forward

By Sherry Boggs

    As the first quarter of the 2013-2014 school comes to a close, Piqua High School seniors being to look back at their time at PHS but also look forward to their futures.

    Chelsea Smith says that so far it has been time consuming with filling out scholarships and applications.  Smith said, “It’s exhausting but the class of ‘14 is really involved so that makes it fun.”  Fellow senior Allissa Rohr also said that it has been stressful and classes can be hard, but the class of 2014 has made it fun.

    When asked what is going through the students’ mind as the first quarter of senior year is ending, Smith said with a laugh, “Finally!”  Rohr said, “It’s getting real, and it’s getting real, quick”.

    When Rohr was asked to look back at high school, she said the things she remembers most are the talent shows, her favorite teachers, football games, and above all, the day Kyle Maynard paid a visit to PHS.

    With graduation on most seniors’ minds, Smith said what she’ll miss most after graduation are her friends and the students in her MH mentoring class.  Smith said she has “invested so much time and energy into them, and I will miss being with them everyday and seeing them grow and learn”.  Rohr also agreed her friends, football games, and students in the MH mentoring class are things she’ll miss the most once diplomas have been handed out.

    Another senior, Brittany Bates said that it’s “About time because it took forever,” when asked what was going through her mind as the first quarter is ending and that so far senior year has been crazy with college applications and keeping up with everything.

    Bates also said, “I never thought I would say this, but something I will miss will have to be choir” as what she will miss once she finally graduates with the rest of the class of 2014.

It’s safe to say that this upcoming graduation is on almost every senior’s mind as the year progresses.  Whether the senior is excited or nervous, the class of 2014 is determined to make the most of their last year in high school.

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