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By Mariah Killian


Stereotypes: Geeks, nerds, loners, preps, jocks, goths, and band geeks. These are all common stereotypes people use daily. Most people place people into groups naturally. We face judgment daily, with the glance of an eye a person is placed into one of the many stereotypes there are. Our clothing, friends and first impression are things that stick out when a person is judging another.

“This is how we find a place to fit in and make friends,” says Tori Nix. As warming as that sounds, it is not as easy as it looks. Giving off that first impression makes or breaks, what group you are placed in. Janell Curl, Abby Helman, Timothy Bragg, and Nix all agreed appearances, are a key part in stereotyping.

“Naturally, we stereotype people, but people do push it too far,” says Curl. What she means though is, it isn’t a bad thing being placed into meaningless groups, but it also causes problems. The problem is it starts bullying, and people push it too far, and feel like because they are part of some group that they are better than everyone else around them.

Overall stereotyping is not a bad thing because it is just a title, and doesn’t mean anything unless, you want it to mean something.

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