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Varsity Cheer Squad Jumps to Achieving Goals

By: Olivia Barhorst

The PHS Varsity Cheer Squad of 2013-2014 wants to make all of their goals a reality this season.

With many new faces to the cheer squad, a lot of hard work has had to been made by each individual.  The Squad consists of two sophomores (Ariel Kessler and Cheyanne Lumpkin), juniors (Cecily Stewart, Tori Witten, Taesha Carter, and Kasey Gambill), and four seniors (Olivia Barhorst, Lena Garber, Channon Collins, and Caitlin Cromes).  The Captains are Lena Garber and Olivia Barhorst. The only returning members from the year before are Garber, Stewart, and Barhorst.

In the past, the PHS Varsity Competition Cheer Squad put themselves in the spotlight.  They won the title of GWOC North and progressed through the Regional competition and onto State where they placed 20th out of around 220 teams.

These girls are ready to defend their title at GWOC make themselves known to the public as well.  They are ready to put the 2013-2014 squad into the record books just as their predecessors have done.  Not only do they believe they will achieve greatness, but they will do it with their own style and flair.

“Cheerleaders are supposed to uphold the community’s traditions and spirit but the squad has made updates to the way we do things to keep the fans on their toes,” said  Captain Lena Garber.

The squad started practice in mid-June.  Along with summer practices they also went to a 3 day cheer camp where they learned there competition routine for GWOC.  “The routine was challenging at first but with each practice we’ve gotten better and better.” said Garber, “We will continue on this successful path until we reach our final goal in December [GWOC].

The Piqua High School Varsity Cheer Squad plans on continuing on the warpath to success this season with many years to come.  With the tradition left behind, they will continue to make their own traditions. “We all come from different backgrounds and hangout with different people, but when it comes to cheering, we are the PHS Varsity Cheer family at the end of the day,” said Garber.

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