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Debating Champions On the Gridiron

By David Wysong

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What will people remember the 2013 College Football season by? Well we’re not sure yet, but soon we will find out.

As of the week of November 11th, four out of the top five teams in the BCS standings are undefeated, and the other team only has one loss.

The BCS standings are made out by a point system on the computer that figures in multiple statistical categories along with the teams record, their strength of schedule, and if they are in a “BCS Conference,” which are the top conferences in the nation . Then at the end of the year the top two teams play for the “BCS National Championship.”

There’s no playoff system to have the top teams fight it out on the field like College Basketball or College Baseball. A team’s whole season is just dependent on a computer.

So when you look at it, some teams could have gone to the championship with no losses but with a less stronger schedule than a team with one loss who didn’t make the championship. Or the team with no losses could’ve been left out of the championship because of their schedule while the team that has losses gets in just because they  played tougher teams.

So maybe the champions since the 1998 season, when the BCS was first started, didn’t really deserve being the champions.  Look at some of the champions: Alabama in 2013, 2012, and 2010, Auburn in 2011, Florida in 2009 and 2007, or LSU in 2008. Do they really deserve it? Maybe teams like Boise State, Oregon, Michigan, Ohio State, or any other top team from those seasons really deserved it.

Looking at this year, as of the week of November 11th the rankings go: 1.Alabama 2.Florida State 3.Ohio State. All three teams are undefeated. So if all the teams go undefeated this year, one team will be left out of the championship, and we’ll never know who really deserved the championship.

Ohio State went undefeated last season as well, but were left out of the championship because they were suspended from players selling their Big Ten Championship rings for money. So it could be possible that the Buckeyes could have deserved the championship two years in a row, but didn’t get their shot to play.

Will this be the year where three teams should’ve played for the championship? Will we never know who should’ve been the actual champion? We will soon find out, but I guarantee that coaches, players, and fans are all very excited about the new College Football Playoff System being installed next year. So finally, the BCS will be abolished.

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