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Election results to effect Piqua area

By Olivia Barhorst

On the November 5th ballot, voters got the opportunity to vote for a new city mayor, for commission wards, and on a few issues.

Among popular belief, local elections are not as important as presidential elections.   This should be viewed as complete and utterly false; local elections come in closer contact to the people in that  area than the president or nationwide issues.  The right to vote should be used by anyone who wants to be an active part of our government workings.

In Piqua, Ohio, the two candidates for mayor were Lucinda L. Fess and William D. Vogt.  Fess came out the winner with  1016 votes and  Vogt close behind at 915.

The commission chairs for the 3rd and 4th ward were also voted on.  Victorious with the win for the 3rd ward was Joesph H. Wilson. The 4th ward was won by Julia A. Terry, who had no other opponent.   Jack Greggerson was also elected as the head of the Piqua Board of Eduacation.

As for issues, Piqua had the option to vote if a local business named Mulligan’s Pub could sell liquor from 11 AM to Midnight on Sundays.  Those who chose to vote for it, decided to allow this action.

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