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High School Students Prepare for the Future

By Dakota Rench

As the school year plunges deep into assignments, tests, and massive amounts of homework, there comes a time when seniors must decide what college they wish to attend and what degree to pursue. A small sample was taken from the 2014 senior class of Piqua High School to see where students stood on their degree choice.

Forty students were selected and asked what degree they were most likely going to pursue once they arrived at their college. The results were nine students undecided, seven pursuing education, five going for computer sciences, six for criminal justice, nine for the sciences, one for journalism, two for veterinary services, and one for Acting, Drama, and Theater.

We can clearly start to see the degrees in which most students seem to find the most rewarding and interesting. Throughout the year many students will also begin to discover what they truly wish to pursue and some may even change their minds, hopefully for the best!

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