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Matched Book Review

By Sherry Boggs

    New York Times bestselling author Ally Condie did it again with her hit trilogy, Matched, Crossed, and Reached.

    In the novel Matched, Cassia Reyes lives in a world where everything is decided for you, from the meals you eat to the person you marry and even down to the day you die.  Everything should be perfect for Cassia.  She had finally reached the age for her own match banquet to find out who she’ll be with for the rest of her life.

    When Cassia is matched with her childhood best friend, Xander, she thinks her life is going to be perfect, that is until there a glitch in Xander’s micro card, a card with information on the person, and she sees another familiar face.  It is a neighbor kid that Cassia never truly understood, Ky.

    After the glitch on the card, Cassia couldn’t get Ky out of her head, going completely against what the Society wants.  Ky is considered an Aberration,  a person who has been revoked of Citizen status because of his father’s acts against the Society.

    No matter what Cassia does, all she can see is Ky’s face on Xander’s card and soon her thoughts turn into reality when she begins spending time with him before they are finally assigned the the job they’ll do for the rest of their lives.  Over time Cassia and Ky become closer until eventually they realize what is happening: they are falling in love despite the difficult circumstances they face.

    Despite what Cassia and Ky want, Cassia is matched to Xander and to the Society, that’s all that matters.  Even though Cassia does love Xander, she doesn’t feel the same way with him that she does with Ky.  So Cassia and Ky do what any other teenager does, they rebel.

    In this action-packed, futuristic dystopian, love triangle infused novel, readers won’t stop until every last word has been read and every last page has been turned.  Matched is a novel nobody will be able to resist and will have the reader running to the store for the next in the series.

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