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Stressing out?

By Mariah Killian


Stress is a physical reaction when you feel upset or angry in some sort of way. When a person feels threatened whether it is real or imagined by the brain, your defensive side kicks in known as “Fight or Flight”.

Fight or flight mode helps a person stay alert and keen to the environment around them. When a person goes into fight or flight mode, they tend to act quickly without thinking, or run away in fear of the situation no matter how small.

Realizing it or not, stress can also be a good thing. When under stress you tend to rise up to the challenge and make a better effort to achieve your goals. Under stress you tend to focus more and get the important things done.

Stress does have a toll, though.  Being different for everyone the symptoms of stress could be almost anything. Stress affects the body and mind. There are cognitive,emotional, physical, and behavioral symptoms.

Cognitive symptoms are memory problems, inability to concentrate, poor judgment, constant worrying, and constant negative thoughts.

Emotional symptoms are moodiness, short temper, feeling lonely, feeling overwhelmed, and depression.

Physical symptoms ar aches and pains, nausea, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, frequent colds.

Behavioral symptoms include eating more or less, sleeping more or less, isolating oneself, procrastination, using drugs, and alcohol etc to relax, nervous habits (nail biting, pacing, finger tapping)

Stress can be quite overwhelming, so how do you know when it’s too much? Well, no one really knows, it all depends on the person. Usually the way you look upon life, your genetics and emotional intelligence will determine how much stress you can handle.

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