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Fighting for the Prize

  Fighting for the Prize

By: David Wysong

   When the common American thinks of football usually three words come to mind: the Super Bowl. Super Bowl Sunday is a huge day in America. Millions of Americans are gathered at the same time, watching this one game.

    This years Super Bowl will be an interesting one. The two teams that are going to battle are the Denver Broncos, led by future hall of famer Peyton Manning, and the Seattle Seahawks, led by the trash-talking Richard Sherman.

    In September an early poll was taken about who students and teachers at Piqua High School thought were the early favorite to win the Superbowl. Piqua is obviously considerably close to Cincinnati, so demographics have to go into to play in the poll along with team talent.

    So back in September the favorite to win it all at Piqua was the Cincinnati Bengals which makes sense because they were a good team this year, and there are a lot of Bengals fans who go to Piqua.

     The second and third favorite teams to win it all are interesting. The second favorite team was the record setting Denver Broncos.

      They set multiple offensive records this year and their leader, Peyton Manning, had the best year statistically that a quarterback has ever had! They also finished with the number one seed in the AFC and made it to the big game.

       The third favorite team to win it all was the Seattle Seahawks. They had a terrific year behind their defense, which was the best in the league. They finished with the number one seed in the NFC and also made it to the big game.

        Nobody knows who’s going to win the Super Bowl, but we do know Piqua High School did a pretty good job at predicting who would be in it.

        This Super Bowl will be one for the ages with the number one offense playing the number two defense, and millions of Americans will be united together watching it.

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