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By Mariah Killian

The new disney movie Frozen is out in theaters, and people love it. The movie is said to be fun, adventurous and unforgettable. In my opinion, the movie isgood, but it has a few flaws.

Besides the stereotypical characters, this movie is supposed to be about sistership. The movie’s topic is quickly lost when Anna runs into Prince Charming and falls for him with in one song. This makes me a little edgy about this movie, but it still keeps me on my toes.

When Anna’s sister flees her kingdom and goes to live in the mountains, the movie starts to get back on track a little because Anna goes after her. That’s when she meets love intrest number two. This is okay, but it is still defeating the purpose of this movie.

Olaf, though, is what made my heart melt a bit and realize he is what kept Anna looking for her sister.  After finding Anna’s sister in her new castle, Anna is accidently struck with ice magic to the heart. Once again the movie loses it’s purpose a little. On a side quest to save the freezing Anna, Christoph (love interest two) tries to help.

The song about love that the trolls sing lost the movie’s purpose.  Anna is not supposed to be falling in love while she is dying; she should be saving her sister. When they say there is no cure but an act of true love, everyone thinks of true love’s kiss.

Betrayal hurts right? Well Anna figures that out in her last dying hours. Realizing her mistake she goes to find Christoph for her real true love’s kiss, once again defeating the purpose of this movie. In one final attempt, though, the whole movie is turned around when instead of kissing the boy, she saves her sister and freezes for her. As always, though,  this Disney movie ends with everyone being okay and the bad guy getting what he deserves.

Overall the graphics are great and the music is fun. I wouldn’t mind watching this movie again, but it is not one of my favorites. So I would rate this movie with about a B minus.

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