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Insurgent Book Review

By: Faith Branson

Is one of your New Years resolutions to read a good series? Insurgent is the second book of the Divergent series written by Veronica Roth. Insurgent starts off right where Divergent left off, so its best to read these books in order from start to finish. Though you may find yourself reaching for the third book, Allegiant, before you know it!

Tris and her friends find themselves in a bit of a problem when the fractions are fighting each other instead of working together to make their “world” as peaceful as they can, like they are supposed to. Tris’s brother, Caleb’s fraction, Erudite, is known for being intelligent and they are trying to take over and control all the fractions. The fractions are either with Edurite or against them. Tris, Tobias, and Caleb travel back home to find their old fraction almost completely gone.

While trying to figure out what happened, they find someone who is special to Tobias.  They find out that their faction knows something, and  they are determined to find out what exactly their fraction was hiding and why they died to protect it.

With war breaking loose, Tris finds that a lot of people are getting hurt and even dying. Tris is not the type of girl to sit back while others are getting hurt; she is the type who will do anything to stop harm from coming to others, including fighting back and make herself known to whomever is trying to hurt them.

With the guilt and grief Tris experiences, she is constantly blaming herself for the death of her friends and others fractions that are losing their people. Tris finds herself throwing her life on the line because she doesn’t understand why she needs to live while those around her keep dying. Tobias tries and tries to make her see things clearly but she refuses to see things from the outside. When Tris yet again finds her life in danger, she realizes that Tobias is right; she needs to live her life to the fullest in order to honor those who have died.

Join in on the war between fractions that could end them all and Tris’s and Tobias relationship that they try to maintain during the chaos. Also find out what why people are risking their lives to protect this huge secret.

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