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Nail Art

By Katie Harris

Nail art is becoming more and more popular. The simple manicure has been around for 4,000 years and is now becoming more advanced. There are about 200,000 nail salons in the U.S. In 2010 the amount of nail technicians was up by 23%.

There are many ways to get your nails designed from French tips, which is just a white tip, to crazy designs, including animal prints and 3D embellishments. You can also have your natural nails or you can get acrylics which is the process that uses 2 products together, acrylic powder and monomer liquid. These products do not soak off easily or weaken over a length of time. It is best to get acrylics removed by a professional nail technician.

Instead of scheduling your manicures each week, leave a couple days in between so your nails have time to breathe and this will keep your nails healthy.

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