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Students talk sports injuries

By Sherry Boggs

Everyone knows how dangerous playing any kind of sport is and now Piqua High School students are weighing in and retelling their experiences.

On average, an estimated 2 million injuries occur in high school students with an average of 500,000 doctor visits and 30,000 hospitalizations.  The injuries students encounter vary from a simple sprained ankle to serious concussions.  The main sports the students become injured in are football, baseball, soccer, basketball, and softball.

Sports at PHS range from tennis to football and injuries happen very often.  Many students are injured in football and basketball but cheerleading and softball also encounter many injuries. Just about a week ago, junior Faith Branson injured her ankle and foot while cheering at the Piqua-Troy basketball game.  When Branson first realized she was injured she said, “I wanted to cry but I didn’t, and I knew I had to get it checked out right away.” As of right now Branson is able to participate but had to take it easy.

Another student injured was senior Chelsea Smith while playing softball.  When she found out she was injured she said, “I was upset because I wouldn’t be able to finish out my high school varsity softball career.”  Smith injured her knees to the point that her knee caps ran off track.  Even though Smith hasn’t returned to softball she says to overcome her injury she “goes to physical therapy and I wear braces on my knees when they bother me.”

Sports injuries in high school are something to take seriously.  Injuries in high school sports are becoming very common and can do serious damage to students and can even be fatal.  Although the risk of injuries is high, students are going to continue playing and need to be cautious while playing their sports.


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