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“The Best Of Me” book review

By Tori Nix

The Best Of Me is a novel written by Nicholas Sparks.The story focuses on two high school sweethearts who, after the death of a close friend, are reunited. The main themes associated with the book are drama and action.

I enjoyed the book because it generally tells of two ordinary people who were once in love. But, their families were so different, that it didn’t work out. But, after twenty years, they are reunited for a friend’s funeral. The story is overall a heart-warming, yet bittersweet novel.

Nicholas Sparks generally writes romance novels. His style of writing is different than that of Danielle Steel or Dan Petermeier. The Best Of Me is generally written in the same way that most of Sparks’ other novels are. The Best Of Me was published October 11th, 2011 by Grand Central Publishing.


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