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Chatroom Movie Review

By Kayla Bowermaster


Chatroom is a 2012 British thriller movie about a group of troubled teens who all meet on an online chat site, thinking that they may have found some great new friends. Each of these teens had their own secrets and troubles in their life; there is Eva, who is going through an identity crisis with unhelpful friends; Emily, who wants more attention from her parents; Mo, who is struggling to hide his feelings for his best friend’s younger sister; and Jim, who is still struggling with abandonment from his father.

All of them were brought together by William, who, though seemingly nice, was a strong manipulator that sought after struggling people online to further ruin their lives.

After a while of chatting with the group, William sets his sights on Jim and begins specifically targeting him, and makes it his goal to destroy Jim’s fragile mind. The rest of the group catches on to his plans and begin to do their best to stop William and make sure Jim is safe.

Chatroom is a very thrilling movie, with a very intriguing story, and just as intriguing characters. Though it feels a bit slow at first, once the action picks up it becomes a very enthralling film and is definitely a good watch.

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