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New Coasters Rolling into Summer 2014

By Faith Branson

     Summer means longer days, warm weather, cold drinks, time with friends, and rollercoasters! Ohio has two major theme parks: Cedar Point which is located in Sandusky and Kings Island located in Mason.  This year a new ride is joining Kings Island. The opening day for the theme park and the new ride Banshee will be April 18th.

The Banshee has everyone either excited or nervous as the ride takes the title of the World’s Longest Inverted coaster. If you are a roller coaster junkie, I’m sure this ride will not disappoint you!

Cedar Point also added a new thrill ride last year called Gatekeeper which leaves riders breathless as the seats are off the track and you really feel as though you are flying.  With flying through towers and keyholes over the main gates, Gatekeeper gives you a stunning impression as you enter the park.

For more information about all rides, tickets, and fun go to for Cedar Point and for Kings Island.  Now sit back and hold on tight it’s going to be a thrill this summer!

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