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Seniors talk about graduating

By Sherry Boggs


Senior year for the PHS class of 2014 is quickly coming to a close as the third grading quarter ends.

By now, most seniors have applied to college and are planning their freshman year of  college.  Through all the excitement and nerves of the upcoming graduation on May 30th, seniors have to buckle down.


Senioritis has probably has probably officially set in for a majority of seniors but slacking off isn’t an option right now.  Its scholarship time!  The Piqua Education Foundation scholarship is due March 31st to the guidance counselor.  Other scholarships’  due dates will vary from now until June.


Through everything going on, some seniors are excited to get out and some are sad to go.  One senior, Chelsea Smith, is excited to get out and start her career.  Smith’s thoughts as she goes into her final quarter of her senior year is:  “I am excited to be finished with high school and move on to college.  I wish the days would go faster and I could move into my university and pursue my career.”

Last thoughts of some seniors are that they will miss their friends and the school.  Smiths’ last thought is “Bring it on!  Make the best out all the opportunities you get, and you get out of it what you put in it.”

So to all the seniors reading this, this last quarter is our time to shine.  Have fun and make memories that last forever but don’t let the fun mess up your futures.  Senioritis is real and will hit us all but let’s go out with a bang!

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