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Sticking with our second amendment

 By Katie Harris

Guns can have a negative or fatal effect, but the benefits of owning a firearm are much greater than the negative effects. Banning guns is not going to raise the amount of safety that an individual feels. Criminals do not care what is illegal. Making guns illegal is not going to stop criminals from getting guns in their possession. Likewise, drugs are illegal but people still get those. No amount of gun control or gun-free zones will stop individuals with an intent to harm others.

Put yourself in the criminal’s shoes, if you were a crazy person with a gun, where would you go to shoot people? The answer is where no one could shoot back. The best thing to do would be to have better background checks and let teachers with their CCW carry at school.  A criminal would think twice about going to a school to shoot people if they knew there were weapons on the campus.

The argument, “No one needs an AK-47,” always occurs in society. No, no one does actually need an AK-47. Just the same as no one needs a PlayStation, Xbox, iPhone, or a brand new car. But in our free country law abiding citizens should be able to own any of those that they would like.

A public that is armed is safer than a public that is unarmed.

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