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UD flies into the Elite Eight

By Olivia Barhorst

The University of Dayton beat Stanford 82–72 to earn a spot in the Elite Eight.

With a regular season record 26-10, UD has made a name for themselves in the NCAA March Madness tournament. Going into the first round deemed the underdog, they proved themselves with a tight game against The Ohio State University with a score of 60-59. With that victory on their shoulders, they moved to round two against Syracuse with another “nail biting” game with a score of 55-53.

During the game against Stanford, the game was very close within the first half. In the second half, UD pushed themselves to stay far ahead and proved themselves the winners with a score of 82-72.

This will be the first time for UD to even make it into the NCAA tournament since 2009 and the first appearance in the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight since 1984. The last time UD has made it to the Final Four was in 1967.

With UD’s momentum, who knows how the Elite Eight could go for them. Many analyst believe this will be the round that kicks them out, but with all the UD has proved, who knows what could truly happen; after all, it is called March Madness for a reason.


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