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Baseball Finally Approaches

By David Wysong

Spring is here and summer is fastly approaching. Do you know what that means for sports? That means that baseball is here.

Beautiful grass, peanuts, home runs, and much more: it is America’s pastime and rightfully so.

It might be a very long game, but there is always excitement with walk-off home runs, no hitters, and amazing “web gems.”

People argue these days that basketball and football are more exciting than baseball, but there’s something special about baseball that no one considers.

Anyone can win it all in baseball. In football the Broncos and Seahawks were favorites the whole season, in basketball the Heat were always the favorite to win it all. When you look at the last World Series though, it’s completely different.

Last year at the beginning of the season nobody thought the Red Sox or the Cardinals even had a chance to win a championship. The Red Sox won it, though, despite what anyone said.

So with opening day having gone by nobody really has a good idea on who is going to win it all.

In Cincinnati, everyone hopes the Reds can win it all. They had a disappointing season last year but they got a new manager and look to turn things around.

They start off the season with eight players on the disabled list. That means that the Reds might now start off too hot, but they have the talent with their pitching and hitting to go the distance.

Baseball is a very intriguing sport. No one has a real logical clue on who is going to win the World Series. It will be very fun to watch this summer, though.

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