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Fighting for the Ring

By David Wysong

The NBA Playoffs are starting which means two months of high octane exciting professional basketball. The four favorites to win it all are the Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs, and Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Miami Heat are second place in the Eastern Conference this year. They have won the past two NBA championships and have appeared in the past three. They have arguably the best basketball player in the world in Lebron James.

All the analysts think it is very possible for the Heat to win their third straight. They will have a very tough road to get there, though, with teams like the Pacers, Nets, and Bulls being in their Eastern Conference.

The Pacers are the first place team in the east. They were one win away from the NBA Finals last season. They started off very strong but ended the season very weak. They split the season series with the Heat. Analysts are skeptical if they can win it all, but if the Pacers can play like they did in the beginning of the season, they have a great chance.

The San Antonio Spurs are the first place team in the Western Conference this year. They were one win away from winning the NBA Championship last year. They are a very old team, but they always win. They fly under the radar every season, so not too many analysts have them winning it all; but they have a better chance than anybody to win the whole thing.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are the second place team in the Western Conference. They have the predicted league MVP in Kevin Durant. They went to the NBA Finals two seasons ago and lost to the Heat. They were out of the playoffs early last season, but that was because their point guard Russell Westbrook got injured in the first round. If Westbrook can stay healthy, analysts think the Thunder have a very good chance at winning the championship.

This years NBA Championship looks wide open. These four teams have a very good shot at winning it all. It could easily be any other team though and that will be found out in about two months.

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