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“Boy Nobody” book review

By Tori Nix

Boy Nobody is a book written by Allen Zadoff. It follows a sixteen-year-old boy, Zach Abrams, who is in a teen assassination program, known as The Program. Zach goes from city to state; he gets close to his target’s family. Going under a different name, Zach kills his target using a specialized pen, one click meant death, two clicks meant a coma, making it seem like the target died from “natural causes”.

But, when Boy Nobody is assigned to kill the mayor of New York, he begins questioning who he is and is trying to avoid developing feelings for the mayor’s daughter, Samara Goldberg. With The Program watching his every move, with Zach unable to complete the five-day time limit, his target changes from Mayor Goldberg to his daughter, Samara.

With a suspenseful plot and detailed descriptions, Boy Nobody is an excellent thriller that will have its readers engulfed until the final page.


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