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Cavs Looking For a New Coach…Again

By: David Wysong

    The Cleveland Cavaliers have fired their head coach Mike Brown. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? After the 2009-2010 season during the Lebron James saga the Cavaliers fired Mike Brown. Before the 2013-2014 season the Cavaliers hired Brown as their head coach again, last week Brown was fired again after going 33-49 that season.

    The Cavaliers are obviously very anxious to win. Owner, Dan Gilbert, said that the team had to make the playoffs this season before the season even started. The Cavs did not make the playoffs, and with a big offseason coming up, the Cavs are in desperation mode.

    Hometown hero, Lebron James, who took the Cavs to the finals in 2007 is going to become a free agent. The Cavaliers want him back home to team up with Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters. To do that they need to do whatever they can to be an attractive team again for Lebron. They feel Mike Brown was not the coach they needed for Lebron James.

    So who? Who should be the coach to take the team back to the promise land and give them a chance to win their first NBA Championship. So far the definite no’s are Kevin Ollie, Steve Kerr and Mark Jackson. Ollie said that he wants to stay as the University of Connecticut coach. Kerr just signed to be the Golden State Warriors new coach. Many Cavs fans wanted Jackson, but he just signed with ESPN to be an analyst again.

    There are two coaches left that make sense to me. One is Tom Izzo for Michigan State. Not many people have brought up this name as coming to the NBA; when Brown was fired in 2010, Izzo seriously considered coming to the Cavaliers but only if Lebron stayed. Neither of them came to Cleveland, but could the two decide to team up? That could be very interesting.

    John Calipari has came up as a potential NBA coach for years. He has proven himself to be top college coach while coaching Memphis and Kentucky to championships. Can he come to Cleveland? That might be a longshot, but his system would be great for the young Cavaliers team.

    The Cavaliers might wait until after the Playoffs to see if any other coaches go out on the market, but they still need to make a quick decision. Free agency is coming in a couple months, and they need to have a coach to attract talented free agents, like Lebron.

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