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From Juniors To Seniors

By: Faith Branson

Class of 2014 are graduated and now it’s time for the 2015 seniors to step it up. We have some shoes to fill and new paths to make.

It seems like just yesterday we were in the last week of 6th grade and we were practicing our timing in between classes and our lockers to get us ready to go from point A to point B in 5 minutes like at the Jr. High and High school.

It seems like we were just in 8th grade coming over to tour the High School, so when we got here it wasn’t that scary.

It feels like we were just at Freshman orientation picking up our schedules and comparing them to our friends to see what classes we would have together. Remember the night before we started Freshman year? Going to bed early so we don’t fall asleep on the first day? Remember the butterflies that we had worrying that we wouldn’t be able to find our friends or that our teachers would be mean? What about the homework on the first night? Coming home and our parents asking how our first day of high school was?

After this summer, we are going to have our last first day of high school! It almost doesn’t seem possible. Now our friends are graduating and we are growing up. Instead of being scared of the upperclassmen like we were as freshman, we ARE the upperclassmen. It’s going to be hard saying goodbye to our friends this year but it’s going to be even harder next year.

So this is it Juniors; we are now the Seniors!!!!! Have a great summer!


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