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Get ahold of yourself: dealing with stress

By Sherry Boggs


Most high school students understand all too well about the struggles of dealing with stress.  From being loaded down with homework to studying for tests to worrying about everything needed for graduation, stress can overwhelm a person.  But there are ways to get through it.  Just follow these five ways to deal with stress.

 1- Figure out where the stress is coming from.  If you can figure out what is stressing you out so badly, it becomes easier to sit down and address the problem head on in order to relieve the stress you feel.

2- Think about what you can control.  Once you do that you can find ways to control the problem and overcome it.

3- Do the things you love.  When you do something you love, like paint, sing, go outside, things like that, you can take a break from the thing stressing you and just relax.  But don’t just forget completely about what you need to get done.

4- Manage your time well.  By managing time, it becomes a lot easier to get something done.  If you have a project, don’t wait until the night before to start.

5- Embrace the mistakes.  Don’t get too stressed because you made a mistake.  Think of it as a way to learn more and better.  Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t beat yourself up over a small one.

If you use these tips, you certainly won’t stress quite as much.  Take it from me, stress is a killer.  It makes life miserable, so just take a step back and breathe.  Everything is going to work out one way or another.

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