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How I Live Now Movie Review

By: Dakota Rench

War is always the harbinger of death, annihilation, and absolute melancholic living. But in the movie, How I Live Now, war brings 15 year old Daisy the greatest opportunity to build herself into the woman she truly wants to be.

Set in near future United Kingdom, tensions between multiple countries are growing to astronomic proportions and the probability of war is beginning to appear inevitable.

Daisy’s family sends her to distant relatives residing in the deep countryside of England. At first enthusiastic about leaving her old family behind along with her abusive stepmother, she soon grows homesick but then gradually eases into the flow of her new family. She engages in hours of fun with her new siblings and enjoys exploring the countryside and reveling in the beauty of nature. \

Two weeks later, Daisy soon finds herself falling in love with cousin Edmond and, after realizing that the affection is mutual, begins a relationship with him.

Meanwhile, the family receives news that Daisy’s aunt Penn is stranded in Oslo. During this period of time, terrorists attack from an unknown enemy who later occupies Britain. The war becomes increasingly difficult for Daisy and her family as it affects their lives to a greater extent, eventually leading to food shortages and lack of other resources.

One day, the farm is taken over by soldiers who separate the boys from the girls by sending them away to live at separate homes. Daisy and Piper (youngest cousin) devise a plan and escape their new foster home to return back to the farm in order to find Edmond and Isaac.

Traversing through deep forests and terrorists camps scattered throughout their long journey, they make it through in six days. They soon discover that Isaac has died and that Edmond, though alive, is now emotionally and physically scarred by the terrors of the war.

Daisy must deal with putting the pieces of her life back together and overcoming the terrible experience of war as she reunites with the forever changed members of her family.

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