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Meeting clothing standards or falling below?

By Mariah Killian


A lot of students and staff here at the Piqua High-School have been complaining about the dress code. The students are either under dressed or just a little too impressive. Since the warmer seasons have hit, shorts and skirts have been going on. People claim these shorts are too short, and some think they are short enough.

Every student is entitled to their opinion, although they do have some limitations. When listening to a student Amy Burt talk about the dress code everyday, she seemed pretty upset someone may say something about her shorts. Burt said, “I don’t want anyone to get upset over my shorts. I mean they cover my butt, and I can’t help that my arms are longer than most people’s.” This is a good point; some people are tall and have problem with lengths of clothing.

Timothy Fair a sophomore said he is not one to care about dress codes, and thinks everyone should be unique and express themselves. Janell Curl on the other hand believes a person can express themselves, but by being creative in a more modest way.

One of the main problems going around about the dress code though is leggings. Some people think leggings are not meant to be worn alone, while others disagree. Brooke Cline thinks that leggings are fine, but they should be worn more modestly- like covering your butt, or finding a way to make your undergarments less noticeable. The clothing is changing and so are people; maybe the dress code should change a little, or stay the same. Either way the world is moving on. We should all learn to dress in a more modest and creative way, and perhaps everyone would be a little more happy with school dress code regulations.

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