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Memento Movie Review

By Kayla Bowermaster


Filled with action and suspense, twists and turns, Memento(2002) is an amazing thriller that is a must-see for anyone who is a fan of thriller movies.

Memento is about Leonard(played by Guy Pearce), who suffers from short term memory loss, which he got after he and his wife were attacked in their home. Unable to form new memories, Leonard only remembers that his wife was murdered, and he then attempts to hunt down the man who killed her. Using pictures, notes, and even tattooing cryptic reminders to his body, Leonard tries to solve the puzzles he left for himself while trying to piece together bits of his own life.

Suspenseful, intriguing, and amazing, Memento is one of the best thrillers to have been made. With great pacing, and a chronology that’s as jumbled as the main character’s own mind, this movie is an amazing watch with crazy turns that will leave anyone guessing, questioning, and a little confused.

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