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Oddities on Science Channel

By Kayla Bowermaster


   History and abnormality blend together in a perfect mix on the Science Channel’s wonderfully entertaining show, Oddities. Oddities is a documentary-type reality show that follows a store in New York called Obscura: Antiques & Oddities. As made obvious by the name, Obscura is an antique store, dabbling more in the truly weird and strange antiques that would not be found in a usual store. These things can range from Victorian-era surgical and bloodletting sets, various animal and human skulls, old sideshow props, quack medical devices, and even taxidermy and preserved animals with birth defects(think four-legged chickens and a one-eyed piglet).

   The show stars the Obscura owners, Mike Zohn and Evan Michelson, as well as Ryan Matthew, who is a buyer for the store. The store has a range of interesting customers, from artists to historians to doctors and more. All the people that come to store are always as interesting as the things they buy, especially when a sideshow performer comes in and is willing to show a quick act. Obscura is especially popular for artists looking for inspiration, or just a collector, like the goth-folk singer Aurelio Voltaire, or Korn lead-singer Jonathan Davis, and even burlesque and fashion icon Dita von Teese. There are especially some interesting people who sell things from their collection to the store, things they bought at flea markets or things that were handed down from generation to generation in their family.

   Oddities is an amazing show for those who love the weird, love odd history, or just love antiques. It’s interesting, and entertaining, and you can really learn a lot from it.

The first three seasons of the show are available on Netflix, and the Obscura store has also, fairly recently, opened an online store, selling some of the items from the store as well as Obscura T-shirts and hoodies and even gift cards. Their online store can be found at and their main site is

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