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Sterling Forced Out of the NBA

By:David Wysong

The headlines during the NBA Playoffs have not been what they should have been. It should be something to do with basketball, but this year it is not. There was a recording of Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling that was released to the NBA where he said racial slurs in private to his girlfriend.

Sterling mentioned that he did not want his girlfriend to ever come to a Clippers game with any black people ever, including Magic Johnson. The world raged after this; many people throughout the country were very upset and would not root for the Clippers until he was removed. The actual Clippers team even wore black wristbands and turned their warm up gear inside out to hide the “Clippers.”

Donald Sterling did not deserve to be in the league before any of this because he was known for his controversial opinions and his legal issues that should not make him fit for being an NBA owner.

I personally do not believe that Donald Sterling should be in the league because someone with those views against African Americans should not be in that high of a position in a league where majority of it’s players are African Americans.

The NBA came to the decision to give Sterling a lifetime ban and commissioner Adam Silver said he would do everything in his power to get Sterling to sell the Los Angeles Clippers. Adam Silver was soon backed by a lot of support for his decision.

I again believe that Donald Sterling does not deserve to be in the league, but I think the NBA made the wrong decision. They banned a man for something that he said, and he said it in private. Now in the future where will they draw the line.

Americans get freedom of speech and are not supposed to get penalized for what they say. So with a man getting in trouble for saying something in private, what will they do next time someone says something controversial? It will be compared to the Sterling incident and their could be backlash from either side depending on the NBA’s decision.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of this Sterling situation plays out. It will be also interesting to see how the NBA will handle future issues that involve words that people speak.


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