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Worming: a new dangerous trend

By Mariah Killian


Worming or eye licking, is a new trend going around schools in Japan. This is something that most young lovers in Japan have started, after kissing gets boring. The trend then picked up, and like most rumors, the trend reached the ears of the UK. The name of this eye licking fetish is oculolinctus.

Sounds gross right? Well it is, a lot of students who have been participating in this fetish have ended up with a serious case of pink eye. A lot of people have had pink eye and its not fun but imagine getting Chlamydia in your eye. Worming can cause STDs to enter your eye and cause blindness.

A Japanese journalist Mark Schreibe who wrote in August  2013 gave confirmation of this trend through an anonymous source. People all over Japan soon realized just how many young teens were walking around with eye patches on.  After this discovery and the trend leaking through the internet, teens all over started trying worming.

Many have said that eye licking is stimulating, and feels very nice, although it causes problems. This is no reason to ruin your sight, so before you go and try this trend think about the fact you can lose your sight, or end up with an STD in your eye.

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