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Merlin: A Review


By Mariah Killian


“In a time of mythic, and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rest on the shoulders  of a young boy, his name: Merlin.”  This is the intro to BBCs show Merlin. The show started around 2005 and went on for five seasons. In this series Merlin journeys to Camelot to study under Gaius the court physician, and find his way in the world.

Merlin shortly after showing up meets the unruly prince Arthur and lands in jail for having the nerve to stand up to him. The magic Merlin wields is like no others, a gift he was born with, and a destiny to follow. Little in the beginning does Merlin know he and Arthur are “Two sides of the same coin.”

After saving Arthur’s life Merlin is dubbed his personal man servant. This however is the beginning of not only destiny, but a friendship like no others. Always by his side Merlin hides his magic all while keeping Arthur safe from the evils he is ignorant to. Throughout the show, you see Arthur and Merlin grow as people and friends. Together they face the evils Morganna brings and as a team unknowingly bring the time of Albion nearer. Though the show has a sad ending that can crush a person’s soul for days to come, it is a worthwhile show to watch.

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