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Nobody Is Perfect, but Come On

By Faith Branson

I understand that people are not perfect; I am not perfect in anyway shape or form. Although when you are given a simple task and IT’S YOUR JOB (plus you’re an adult), you should be able to do it without a problem.

This goes towards many things; however, I’m talking about how our local printed newspaper messed up my class’s articles. Our advisor Deborah Allen sends our articles SEPARATELY every week to make sure that the problem we had doesn’t happen, but it did anyway. They switched the headlines from one article to another, so the article wasn’t with the right heading. How frustrating? VERY! It doesn’t stop there; they also switched the picture for those articles around.

If anything all they had to do was READ the articles to make sure they were placed right. When a class of Juniors and Seniors are smarter than adults who get paid for this, it totally blows my mind.

One of the most frustrating parts about this whole situation is that the people making the decisions are not even local.  While the paper is part of Piqua history, Piqua people no longer set the pages up or even publish the local paper.

Let’s hope al goes well from here on out!

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