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Not Another English Assignment

By Janell Curl

Books: most high school students hate them. They would prefer to spend their free time on Twitter or Facebook. Me? I would rather be reading the newest book release.

Then there’s the typical high school student who would wait to go to the movies and see it. They don’t understand when you read to enjoy it- not just for a school project. You connect with the characters emotionally. You go on adventures with them. You solve their problems. You live another life within 400 simple pages. You can become a vampire, save the world, fall in love, or become a warrior (all without leaving your house).

So while others go about their day, you could be sitting in your seat, during school, dying inside because your favorite character just died. (This happens more often than not.) Or maybe you laugh in the middle of dead silence because a character just told a joke or said a reference you understand. Then everyone gives you that look like “are you outta your mind?” Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that reading doesn’t have to be just another English assignment.

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