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The Raven Boys

By Mariah Killian


The Raven Boys is a book series by Maggie Stiefvater about a group of kids discovering the magic that is within their town. The book switches point of view through the book, so you can glimpse each character. Blue is the only girl in the group and is called Jane by the boys. She comes from a spiritual family and lives with it all the time. Gansey is the leader of the guys and has an obsession with finding the Welsh king Glendower. Adam is the guy with a bad past and abusive father, has three jobs and is too prideful to ask anyone for help. Ronan is the the most aggressive of the three boys and doesn’t take no for an answer.  Noah is the dead friend of the group; he is a nice guy who is always there for everyone. Noah though, unlike the others, was dead seventy years before they came along.

The group throughout the first book discover the ley line and its magic. They believe they will find Glendower with it and get the wish Gansey dreams of having. Blue, on the other hand, is troubling herself with the fact that her true love will die if she kisses him, and she knows it is Gansey. Adam ends up dating Blue and sacrifices himself to awake the ley line (he is still alive though). They discover the boys’ Latin teacher was after them. They are all okay in the end and the teacher disappears with Neve, a girl who was doing black magic in Blue’s house. Although the gang now knows of the magic place Cabeswaster, they are in for a ride.

The second book The Dream Thief is mainly about Ronan and Adam. During the book, we find out that Ronan is the Grey Warnan of Cabeswater and has this enemy Kavanskey who is a dream thief.  Ronan learns how to work this magic and how it can help him. Ronan eventually stops Kavanskey in the attempt to save his brother. Kavanskey though tried to blow up Ronan’s brother and ended up killing himself instead.

Adam throughout this book learns that he is connected to Cabeswater and is their eyes and ears. He and Blue eventually break up, and he learns he is becoming too angry. Blue’s friend Persephone gives Adam a reading where he is sent into his own mind to learn how to control everything. Once he understands what he needs to do, he leaves to go restore the ley line.  After Adam’s reading, Gansey and Blue leave- they almost kiss; that could have been bad. Blue’s mother has grown close to the Grey man who came here looking for Ronan for his ability. In the end though, he helps everyone and everyone is safe. The only unsettling thing is that Blue’s mother knows where Glendower is and has left for him. Sadly, until the next book, no one knows what will happen.

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