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This Is A Failure

By: Faith Branson

This year most high schools, including Piqua High School dealt away with study halls. I can see reasons being that some kids don’t really use that free period to work, or that students will have more than one study hall and that isn’t enough class time for them. However, I believe those schools made a huge mistake! I’m a Senior here at Piqua, I’m in TWO fall sports, and I have 8 full classes with NO STUDY HALLS. I get home around 8-8:30 pm and about 7 pm on short days. Yes ,that means I’m at this school for about 13 hours. I just don’t think that the schools who took out study halls though about students like me, or that they just didn’t care. When I get home from my activities I eat, take a shower, then do about 3 hours of homework and don’t go to bed till about midnight sometimes later; then I get back up at 5:30-6 am to finish said homework or to get ready since I like to look somewhat presentable for school. Then I  start that hectic day all over, and I’m extremely tired during the day.

Schools want us to be active, eat healthy, do good in school, AND get a full nights sleep. My family would also like to spend time with me, but I never have time because I also have to shower. If I were to have a study hall I could get some of my homework done in that time; then have more time to do other important things.

Why don’t you just do one sport then or no sports? Well, I’m going to college next year, and I would like to have scholarships, that’s why. The school isn’t going to have study halls anytime this year, so this is me voicing my opinion for future students while I’m gone after May 29! So till then you’ll probably catch me sleeping in class, doing homework from another class/from the night before, on the marching field conducting the band, or  on the track cheering.


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