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We Finally Made It

By Faith Branson

This past Saturday October 11, 2014, history was made. The Pride Of Piqua Marching Band owned the night. We have been practicing since the middle of July for this marching season. We had practices from 8:30am-11:30am Tuesday-Thursday, and we also had band camp which was from 8am-11:30 with an hour lunch and then from 12:30-4pm with a two hour dinner break (where we went home) then back at the school from 6pm-9pm. So to sum it all up the band members pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe band all summer long and into November.

As head drum major this year, also a 5 year senior, I have become very attached to band itself and all of it’s members. We have lost together and grown up together, we have seen each others ups and down, and we basically know one another inside out. We are a family: always have been and always will be. From the time that we were just a mere 50 members to 100 members, we have been pushed around by other students/athletes saying things such as, “only nobodies do band,” “band people never fit in,” and “this band or that band is better than ours.”  Even adults have told us that we aren’t as great as we once were. Well that all changed this past weekend.

During our performance while I was conducting, I felt my heart just swell up and scream with pride. I knew that what we have been working for, for years was just accomplished. I knew it; it had to be.  After our performance, seeing the faces of the people I consider my family, I knew they felt it, too.


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