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Why not try open campus?

By Janell Curl

High School has had closed campus lunches in the past several years. Now why it is that? Why are we no longer permitted to go get some food we actually enjoy? Nearly 1 in 3 high school campuses across the country allow students to leave campus during lunch, according to a report from The Pew Charitable Trusts and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

I agree with China Dukes from Gull Lake High School: “So maybe we need to prove that we can handle deciding where and what we want to eat at lunch without being late to class and/or being reckless when leaving from and returning to school. Give us a chance, please?”

Make off-campus lunch possible for upperclassmen. With more than two years of high school under our belts, braces freshly off and more than 50 hours experience behind the wheel, we should be eligible. Make off-campus lunch an incentive for underclassmen to achieve as upperclassmen.

We want freedom, so we will work for it. Set a grade-point average requirement, a no-tolerance truancy policy, only having off-campus lunch on certain days, or anything within reason. Or better yet, even offer off-campus lunch to those with adult status.
Whatever the reasons may be that we are not allowed the freedom of choosing where and what we want to eat, let us prove to you that teenagers can be responsible, cautious and, more importantly, mature adults.

With strict rules and guidelines and teachers enforcing this, the amount of students eating and enjoying school and their food will rise drastically.   So I support the argument of upperclassmen being able to go out for lunch and giving the younger classes something to work towards.

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