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Why would you do that?

By Janell Curl

Why would someone want to graduate in January instead of May like everyone else? I personally get questions like this all the time. My response is normally something short like: “Because why not?” or “So I can get a full time job.” Yes, there is more to the story, I just don’t like have to explain myself a trillion times.

I do want to graduate, so I can have time to get a full time job, to pay for college in the fall so I don’t have to take out so many loans. Also I am done with the whole “High School Experience.” Some people love it, and its the favorite time of their lives but I’m just ready for it to be over and done with. No, I haven’t had anything majorly bad happen to make me dislike it so much; I’ve just grown up. So no, I won’t miss the senior prank or walking to get my diploma.

I get told: “No, you can’t leave me!” all the time by my friends. I love them; they are my best friends, but the likelihood we will still be best friends is slim. Who knows, though, we are super close and have beat the odds before.

Also I have the next year and a half planned out and graduating early just puts it into action. The plan is to get a full time factory job, then do BYU I online for the year while working, then after pass I all my classes, I will go to the campus the year after with my other family. Those are just a few reasons I’m graduating early.

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